Black Trovants Rottweilers

Hello ! I am Alin, Rottweiler passionate, breeder and competitor with many years of experience in the biggest European showrings.  My goal is to produce high quality  Rottweilers by using the best bloodlines that fully display all the characteristics and functionality of the breed !

Alin Mesea
Founder of Black Trovants

Back to 2016

After several years of corporate professional experiences, back in 2016 I decided to come back home to Romania and start refurbishing my grandparents property.

The next big step

I started looking for young Rottweilers since the yard was big and had plenty of space. That is how I bought Rita, my foundation female and soon I ended up in the show rings with her.

Decision was made, I started competing in the rings and built the Black Trovants Kennel

Being also a very competitive person, I enjoy winning a lot and when I had my first litter as a breeder the satisfaction was huge. Seeing the puppies grow made me want to know more and more about the breed and become better at it day by day.

Let's run the show

As of 2019 I closed all my other projects and started dealing only with dog breeding, exclusively Rottweilers, and this is the result today. Rock Solid !

The future looks great!

We are currently having several champions in our bloodlines, Rottweilers that also have something we appreciate very much and that is temperament and working functionality. We look forward to seeing our next generations !

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