Evo of Black Trovants

Romanian Junior Champion

Evo is our best ranking and reproducing male. He is a dog with an extremely high drive, very attentive but a balanced mind on top of that. He is Romanian Junior Champion, and has won several Best of Breed and also came 3rd in Best in Show. We have competed internationally as well and with good results under respectable breed specialists judges.

DATE OF BIRTH: 21.03.2020

FATHER: Ulise Vonguard GDI

MOTHER: Brooklyn of Black Trovants


Junior Class 

CAC Dumbraveni V1,CACJ – jud. Roberto Schill

CACIB Dumbraveni V4 – jud. Antoin Hlebarov

CAC 1 Suceava V3 – jud. Lokodi Zsolt  

CAC 2 Suceava V4 – jud. Csatari Andrea 

CACIB Suceava V2 – jud. Calin Simu 

CACIB Bucuresti V2 – jud. Papp Carol 

CAC Bucuresti V – jud. Muntean Petru 

CAC Sibiu V1,CACJ,BJ – jud. Goran Dojinovsky

CACIB Sibiu V1,CACJ – jud. Jane Serafimov

CAC Cluj Napoca 

V1, CAC, BOB, BOG, RBIS – jud. Roberto Schill 

M.A.R.K 2021 Middle Europe Gold Cup Winner

V2 – jud. Biro Zsolt 

M.A.R.K. Hungary 2021 Klubsieger

V3 – jud. Aleksandar Vukelic 
Romanian Klubsieger – V1, intermediate class, jud. Peter Friedrich

Belgrade Sieger, Serbia – V4, intermediate class, jud. Jouni Nummela

Olympia Rottweiler Show, Italy – V6, open class, jud. Ivan Ristovic



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