Hello, we are the Black Trovants!

Rock Solid Rottweilers

When it comes to Rottweilers, we are giving a lot of attention to the breed, carefully selecting only high quality, health tested and confirmed bloodlines in our breeding program. 


"We don't just breed, we breed Rock Solid Rottweilers"

rottweiler females
certified reproducers

All our males and females are subject to FCI breeding rules, all being actively participating in national and international dog shows thus achieving multi V ratings and champion titles.

Health clearances

All our dogs are health tested with certified medical partners. HD/ED is always with GRSK Germany certification and JLPP only in LABOKLIN Germany.

Breeder Support

It doesn’t matter the age of your dog, you’ll always receive full support from us along the way, weather it is a show, working or just a companion Rottie. People trust us!


Evo is our no. 1 male, with a great show career. He is Romanian Junior Champion and has competed in several national and international shows.

rottweiler breeder


Rita is our foundation female. Daughter of the notorious Lex vom Hause Edelstein, she is now in UK serving as protection dog.

roko vom hause edelstein daughter


Daughter of great Roko vom Hause Edelstein, Bacardi is mother to our “G” and “J” litters, She is now in Ireland enjoying her new life.

Proudly presenting our Champions

There was a long way up to the top, years long. But we finally got there. Today we offer the best bloodlines, crossed over generations. No mistake in finding your Rottweiler with us!

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